God’s child: beloved
daughter: sugar-cookie
sister: monkey-toes
wife: sweetie
mom: mother, mommy, maaah-aaahm!
friend: ms. Lynn

Born in St.Louis, MO. Adopted. Raised in the Midwest. Transplanted to Texas. Wife of 25 years. Mother of 4 kids (plus one we’ve adopted in the way you adopt your mom’s bff and call her your ‘Aunt Sarah’).

I love words, trees, food, books, my family. Most of all ~ I love God; that’s all you need to know (but you’re probably gonna learn a lot more…) ~merrylynn~


p.s. Maybe one day I’ll explain it but ‘you smell like pie’ has nothing to do with cooking. Sorry about that.

For some of our favorite family recipes you can click over to merrylynn’s kitchen


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  1. I’m so glad you are writing!! This is all way, way cool. I love it. And I’m making the curry shrimp. I seriously was just about to ask you and Terry for some of your family-favorite recipes because I seem to have lost my cooking mind. This is neat-o!

    • Hey girl! You have not lost your cooking mind, she’s just on vacation…far, far away, and you need to tempt her back with yummy shrimp curry! Be sure you taste it and add more curry to make it hotter if needed. Also, it may need salt…

  2. This is great I can get a dose of you and it will definitely make my life more Merry. You are too cool for school.

  3. OK- I have finally gotten a moment to read your blog- this will be a fun way to keep up with you guys

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